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Blackball Salami Limited

Blackball Salami Limited

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Meat Smallgoods

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11 Hilton Street, Blackball 7084

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West Coast


New Zealand


11 Hilton Street, Blackball 7084

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Supplier Background

Our salami is made from a variation of beef, pork and venison. The differences between the various types of salami are due to the kind of meat they contain, the proportion of lean meat and the fineness or coarseness of the mixture.

The raw materials in our salami are kept exceptionally lean. Our traditional italian and kosher style salami have a fat content added. All the finest herbs and spices are used in all our products to obtain our unique quality. We use only natural wood smoke during our smoking process.

The salami is then hung and dried in our humidity/temperature controlled room. During this time, the salami lose between 20 and 30% of their original weight.

Once they have reached their maturity they are packed to production requirements ready for you, the connoisseur.


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Blackball Salami

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