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  • Mixed Savouries 12pk

  • Mixed Savouries 50pk

  • Garlic Bread Twin Pack

  • Family Mince Pie 520g

  • Family Steak Pie 520g

  • Family Mince and Cheese Pie 520g

  • Family Steak and Cheese Pie 520g

  • Family Bacon and Egg Pie 550g

  • Family Apple Pie 550g

  • Family Apricot Pie 500g

  • Family Apple Crumble 500g

  • Shepherds Pie 750g

  • 1kg Sausage Rolls

  • Original Sausage Rolls

  • Sage and Onion Sausage Rolls

  • Zingy Sausage Rolls

  • Mediterranean Sausage Rolls

  • Mini Spring Rolls 750g

  • Mini Samosas 750g

  • Emma Jane Hash Browns 20pk

  • Potato Hearts 750g

  • Happy Faces 750g

  • Potato Alphabites (ABC's) 750g

  • Sweet Mini's 10pk

  • Popping Candy 8pk

  • Disco Funpack 6pk

  • Cookies & Cream Treats 6pk

  • Raindancer 6 x 70ml

  • Miami Flip 6 x 60ml

  • Choco Sticks 12pk

  • Mini Magic 12pk

  • Caramel and Mint Bon Bons 12pk

  • Variety Cones 6 x 110ml

  • Premium Cappuccino Cones

  • Premium Caramel Cones

  • Premium Chocolate Cones

  • Cookies and Cream Cones 4pk

  • Mint Cones 4pk

  • Strawberry Sundaes

  • Chocolate Sundaes

  • Fruit Pops 10pk

  • Cool Twins 12pk

  • Mini Fruit Sticks 12pk

  • Chocolate Dipped Cream Puff 215g

  • Mini Custard Éclairs 160g

  • Cream Filled Mini Puffs

  • Lemon and Gingernut Cheesecake

  • Mixed Berry Cheesecake

  • White Chocolate Bavarian

  • Strawberry Cheesecake 470ml

  • Passionfruit Cheesecake 470ml

  • Boysenberry Cheesecake 470ml

  • Juicy Apple Crumble 450g

  • Rhubarb, Apple & Strawberry Crumble 450g

  • Apple and Blackberry Crumble 450g

  • Apple Strudel 600g

  • Apple, Blackberry and Custard Strudel 600g

  • 6 Pack Lamingtons

  • Chocolate and Vanilla Cones 6 x 110ml

  • Vanilla & Nut Cones 6 x 110ml

  • Strawberry and Vanilla Cones 6 x 110ml

  • Mint and Chocolate Cones 6 x 110ml

  • More 4 Less Choco Fingers 8 x 40ml

Supplier Details:

Emma-Jane's Fine Foods Ltd.

Emma-Jane's Fine Foods Ltd.

Product Categories

Bakery | Frozen Foods

Company Number


Office Address

PO Box 5266, Palmerston North 4441

Region / State



New Zealand


0800 366 252

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We Export to

Australia, Fiji

Supplier Background

Giving our loyal customers and New Zealanders an opportunity to experience unique and exquisite specialty foods from around the world. Our valued customers globally will choose us as their key partner and preferred supplier for their specialty foods. We will attain this through our commitment to excellence in service and innovation. 

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