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GreenMonkey Ltd

GreenMonkey Ltd

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60 Governors Bay Road, Cass Bay, Canterbury, 8971

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New Zealand


+64 21 889 828

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GreenZoo™ is a wellness food brand born right here in the pristine environment of New Zealand. It has naturally evolved from the development journey of our award winning GreenMonkey™ Organic Baby Food.

Our vision is to bring to life the most wholesome and trusted food brand imaginable. A highly innovative, world-class, design led food company focused on creating quality nutrition of the highest ethical standards, whilst embracing advanced nutritional science.

Our desire is to develop wellness food products that consumers can have total confidence in and know will benefit their health. We are passionate about creating premium quality foods that can make a positive difference in peoples lives and their wellbeing, especially their children! The trend today of mass produced, over processed and poor quality food has inspired us to challenge such norms. It is this endeavour to provide customers with super high-end foods that fuels our creativity so we can continue to innovate and deliver new products to the market.

Based in Canterbury, New Zealand, GreenZoo™ is nestled between the majestic southern alps of the South Island and the wild and fresh South Pacific Ocean – the perfect place to dream up inspirational ideas.

Today GreenZoo™ reaches millions of customers across Asia Pacific, its range of products continues to grow as customers resonate with the philosophy of the GreenZoo™ team.

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Green Monkey GreenZoo

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