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Coppersfolly Ltd

Coppersfolly Ltd

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New Zealand


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‘Pure Wasabi’ is an exciting new herb which is grown in New Zealand.

Wasabi is a delicious condiment that goes well with steak, ham, chicken, lamb, sushi and all manner of fish and seafood.

It can also be used like mustard in sandwich fillings and crackers.

This wasabi is spray free and is not mixed with horseradish, synthetic flavourings or colours.

Research done at Lincoln University (NZ) has found that wasabi has many health and dietary benefits which probably accounts for it being so highly prized by the ancient Japanese.

Wasabi is rapidly becoming very popular with chefs world-wide, as it is versatile and can be added to anything from Bluff oyster cocktails to ice cream or chocolate dessert!

Production of ‘Pure Wasabi’ commenced in 2003 and is growing in popularity. Never heard of it before? well now you have! To the best of our research world-wide, it is the only wasabi paste made using real wasabi with no artificial additives or fillers.

Don't misjudge wasabi until you've tried the real ‘Pure Wasabi’. A truly unique and refreshing taste.

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