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Atkins Nutritionals

Atkins Nutritionals

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PO Box 4156, Mount Maunganui 3179

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Bay of Plenty


New Zealand


0800 222 535

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With the wealth of foods available to us, we have become used to eating more and more foods which are laden with carbs – very often sugar and processed flour. We live busy lives and, without thinking, reach for ready meals and snacks to give us a quick fix of energy. This is the trap. Because now we’re in a cycle of eating empty carbs, feeling hungry again very soon, so eating more and more carbs. Of course, diets which involve cutting calories lead to such a sense of emptiness that they rarely work. However, by interrupting the sugar cycle – by reducing the amount of carbs we eat – we can turn the body into a very different kind of machine. Now it becomes a fat burning machine by a process known as Ketosis. When we cut our carb intake, the body burns fat for fuel instead. This includes stored body fat. And so, day by day, the weight falls off.  

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