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  • Ottogi gold mayonnaise 456ml

  • Ottogi sweet spiced bbq marinade

  • Ottogi sweet soy bbq marinade

  • Ottogi tangy dipping sauce

  • Ottogi barbeque sauce

  • Ottogi teriyaki sauce

  • Ottogi tomato sauce

  • Ottogi honey mustard

  • Ottogi sweet chilli

  • Mr Park Rice Cup Chicken Curry

  • Mr Park Rice Cup Beef

  • Ottogi snack cup noodle 62g

  • Puria Mother's Nutritional Supplement Drink 250ml

Supplier Details:

Ottogi New Zealand Limited

Ottogi New Zealand Limited

Company Number


Office Address

76 Rangi Road, Takanini, Auckland, 2105

Region / State



New Zealand


+64 9 2677476



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We Export to

Australia, Korea, Republic of, Taiwan, Province of China

Supplier Background

Ever since the establishment of Ottogi Corporation. In 1969, it has been growing up as a food specialized enterprise contributing to improve dietary habits of Korean by pursuing 'better quality, more nutriment, and more advanced foodstuffs. The company has been continuously developing and broadening its field of foodstuffs harmonizing high quality with convenience of food. The secret of Ottogi's foodstuffs provided as outstanding products to customers is its natural taste and rich nutriment in products together with its overall process of cautious selection in raw materials and shipment of finished products through a management, through cutting-edge facilities and thorough sanitation. Credibility has been created from its best quality! Standing at the forefront of food industry in its taste and nutriment, Ottogi produces about five hundreds foodstuffs including instant noodles, curry, ketchup, mayonnaise, vinegar, oil and fat products, retort and canned fish including tuna, etc. 

Brands We Sell

Ottogi, Gold Mayonnaise

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