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Freedom Farms Ltd.

Freedom Farms Ltd.

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PO Box 37 - 943 Parnell Auckland 1052

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New Zealand


(09) 366 0448

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Farming worldwide has become way too intensive... and we reckon too many animals being farmed these days have sad, sad lives. We want to change that.

It's not always the farmers fault... it's really ours as the people who buy the food.

We can change how animals are farmed by asking the 'hard questions' and then only buying food we feel right about.

On a Freedom Farm there is a big shed in a huge field. The girls spend the night in the shed and lay their eggs in the nesting area in here.

Each morning the door is opened and the girls go out to play. Of course if its cold and windy they can come back in anytime they like. They have heaps and heaps of open grassy space and lots of shade and shelter.

If they could talk to us we reckon they would call it free range paradise.

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Freedom Farms

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