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8 Water NZ Ltd

8 Water NZ Ltd

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Non Alcoholic Drinks

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PO Box 51513, Pakuranga 2140

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New Zealand

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100% Pure Premium New Zealand Bottled Artesian Water | Our Water | NZ water is considered one of the purest and cleanest in the world. We believe our brand and water can compete on the world’s stage with the big, established brands. Our story begins in September 2016. Our search for the purest sustainable artesian water that would fit with our premium brand took many months until, finally, we found what we were looking for in the farthest reaches of New Zealand and drawn from a depth of over 250 metres where water flows to the surface under its own pressure. Our 8 Water is something special – a bottled water brand that offered more health benefits than just hydration. We sought a better taste with no additives. Our water is naturally alkaline and has virtually no taste. It has an airy or light mouth feel with a hint of sweetness that cleanses the palate. Our water’s distinctive taste is comparable to white wine. Our pure, premium artesian water started as tiny Antarctic raindrops hundreds of years ago. Drifting northwards they eventually fall as rain in the unspoiled, remote mountain ranges of New Zealand where they trickle underground to ancient mineral-bearing rocks. Flowing underground for at least 80 years, our 8 Water absorbs organic elements like silica which revitalises skin, hair and finger nails plus calcium for healthy teeth and bones. This unique subterranean journey gives 8 Water its distinctive taste. Plus, 8 Water’s pH balance of 7.5 means it’s slightly alkaline for faster re-hydration. This unique journey makes 8 Water one of the purest and cleanest waters in the world. And the purer the water, the healthier it is for you. One of the things that makes us unique is the “Made and Bottled to Order” concept whenever we can which ensures that 8 Water is as fresh and pure as possible when it reaches you, our customer, something we are really proud of. Go on, try it now. Taste water at its finest. P.S. Is your business China ready 2019? China-NZ Tourism 2019 is coming. 8 Water is that extra touch point helping businesses stand out from the rest.