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New World Newlands

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Ross and Donna Jordan

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Ross and Donna Jordan - Owner Operators

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Nice to meet you. We're the new owner operators of New World Newlands, and also proud new Newlands residents having moved into the area earlier this year.

We're just normal people who are happy to live and work in the Newlands community. We have three sons who are in their 20s, including our middle son who is joining us to work in the store. Before coming to Newlands we’ve spent the last six years running a supermarket in Inglewood Taranaki, a lovely little rural town just 15 minutes out of New Plymouth.

We love the way Newlands has a unique community feel, possibly due to the way the area is geographically defined. There's a good mix of people and it's within 15 minutes of central Wellington. We did most of our team interviews at the Newlands Community Centre, what a great asset for the community! It's incredible how many diverse activities go on there. We've also been frequent visitors to the Newlands Coffee Café. The area has some really good schools, their reputation is well known, and when school gets out after 3pm the area is buzzing!

Everyone is enthusiastic about a new supermarket opening in Newlands as there was one here over 15 years ago. We really look forward to getting involved with the Newlands community, at Inglewood I was involved with the local Business Community Group and enjoyed engaging with the community in a positive way.

To be the Owner Operators of Newlands New World is indeed an honour and a life time ambition. We can't wait to work with you to make this supermarket a great asset for the community!


Cnr. Newlands Rd and Bracken Rd, Newlands, Wellington



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