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8 Water 750ml Glass - Sparkling Water

8 Water 750ml Glass - Sparkling Water

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New Zealand

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A premium NZ artesian water that offers more health benefits than just hydration. It has an airy or light mouth feel with tiny bubbles that disperse gently on your palate.

Market Trends

The bottled water market continues to grow in the East Asian and US markets. There is growing demand for Sparkling water in the New Zealand local market.

Performance Expectations

8 Water is a premium to high end brand not expected to contend with high volume bottled water manufacturers. We expect high growth in China as there is demand with pure and authentic product from New Zealand. Local market feedback has our product enjoyed by the health conscious, active professionals, and those just wanting a good palate cleanser for their food or drink.


  • Bar Code:


  • Temperature: Shelf Stable
  • Serving Size: 750ml
  • Servings Per Pack: 12
  • Pack Size: 12
  • Carton Qty: 12
  • Layer Qty: 12
  • Pallet Qty: 48

Available at

Poke Bar NZ EIGHT PM Munchy Mart Convenience Face Club Yokoso Japanese Restaurant Namo (Now Chu Thai Eatery)
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