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Mini Spring Rolls 750g


Emma Jane’s Mini Vegetable Spring Rolls are just the snack you are looking for. They make a great side dish to your Asian cuisine or how about serving them on your next savoury platter.

We have taken time to ensure our spring rolls taste like the real deal… authentic and tasty. You can oven bake or fry our spring rolls, this makes them so simple to prepare. A great side dish or snack.

Try serving your spring rolls piled high on a platter with dipping sauces such as sweet chilly, oyster and soy sauce. Top them with chives or shredded carrot for a great effect.

Cooking instructions: Frying: Preheat oil to 180.C and cook from frozen until golden brown (approx. 3-4 min). Oven Baked: Preheat oven to 200.C lightly spray product with canola oil or similar, cook from frozen, turn once after 10 mins, cook until golden brown. (Total cooking time 20mins approx.)


  • Bar Code:


  • Temperature: Freezer
  • Serving Size: 100g (10pieces)
  • Servings Per Pack: 7.5
  • Pack Size: 50 piece
  • Carton Qty: 10
  • Layer Qty: 12
  • Pallet Qty: 48

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Frozen Foods
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