The following are Frequently Asked Questions by our customers:

How do I get my Store listed in the BuyersGuide.nz Store Directory?

If you are a supermarket / retail store please contact us to list your store details in our Store Directory. With a Buyer log-in you can keep an eye out for any new products to stock from supplier members using BuyersGuide.nz This is a free service for buyers and retail stores and also promotes your business.

I am a Buyer how do I join BuyersGuide.nz?

If you are a Buyer, Category Manager or Store Owner and would like access to the New Products section advertised on BuyersGuide.nz - please contact us and we will set up a FREE log-in account for you! 

How does BuyersGuide.nz help Buyers?

BuyersGuide.nz helps makes the Buyers life easier! By transforming old traditional paper advertising into digital and bringing suppliers all together in one place. Assisting suppliers to showcase their product range to buyers through an innovative advertising platform.

There is no membership fee for Grocery Industry Buyers / Store owners / Managers to use BuyersGuide.nz. Plus, we will list your store details in our Grocery Store Directory for free.

We offer a professional product platform to browse the latest wholesale products for sale to the grocery industry by suppliers in New Zealand and around the world.


  • New Products section on BuyersGuide.nz hidden from Public view which requires a Buyer log-in to access.
  • Easy-to-use grocery industry search engine to find products, bands and supermarket suppliers.
  • With a Buyer log-in you can keep an eye out for any new products to stock from supplier members using BuyersGuide.nz.
  • This is a free service for buyers and retail stores and also promotes your business.

Why can't I view the New Products Section on BuyersGuide.nz?

For company product confidentiality the New Products Section is hidden from Public and Supplier view and is only viewable to Buyers, Category Mangers and Store Owners who register for access with us.

I am a Supplier or Distributor - how can I join Join BuyersGuide.nz?

Suppliers can join by visiting the 'Join Here' page on our website - where you can sign up for a 12 month subscription membership. Once logged-in you will be able to create your Business Profile, add your Brands and start listing your Products. You can renew your subscription each year for the required fee.

I see this website is heavily weighted on grocery products for supermarkets, we have a large range of products - so would our products be applicable? 

BuyersGuide.nz is a new innovative online marketing and advertising service and has been specifically built for the supermarket industry.

There is also the opportunity for other retail industry buyers to view your products advertised as there are many users visiting BuyersGuide.nz worldwide.

You can view our current members via the Suppliers page

What is the process we would need to undertake to get products listed on BuyersGuide.nz?

You need to sign up via BuyersGuide.nz for a 12 month membership and create your company Profile Page, list your Brands and Products on BuyersGuide.nz. 

What can we expect from being a member of BuyersGuide.nz and do we wait for interested parties to contact our company or is there other involvement we need to carry out?

BuyersGuide.nz is a new innovative way for marketing your products online. After uploading your product details and company info to the BuyersGuide.nz platform, industry buyers and grocery managers can view them online and contact you if desired.

You can also use BuyersGuide.nz as a means to present your products to customers in meetings or direct potential customers to our website. If buyers are interested in your products they will be able to view your contact details on BuyersGuide.nz and contact you.

What is the number of visits to your site in last year?

You can view the number of page views and hits to our webiste via our statistics page 

What is your strategy for SEO and growing the database - do you have any changes planned to your current platform?

We are very focused on SEO for our platforms and this benefits our members. We keep our platforms up-to-date and we continue to work actively in the development and innovation of our platforms to develop them further.


If you have any further questions or need any assistance setting up your profile and products feel free to contact us.

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