"BuyersGuide.nz is an online platform revolutionising how Grocery Industry Products are Presented to Buyers Worldwide!"


About BuyersGuide.nz

BuyersGuide.nz helps get your products in front of grocery managers, buyers and store owners through a revolutionary product presentation platform. Helping to get your products on grocery store shelves in New Zealand and worldwide.

100% New Zealand! BuyersGuide.nz is a cutting-edge product advertising platform to help supermarket suppliers showcase their retail products and brands to leading grocery industry buyers.

 Who Built Buyers Guide.nz?

BuyersGuide.nz is the original online grocery database system built in Marlborough New Zealand by Berryman Media with the aim to provide an innovative marketing solution and product presentation tool for the grocery industry. The site was launched in 2015.

How it works..

Members have complete database access to showcase their products to leading supermarket grocery buyers in New Zealand and around the world. With a comprehensive search system to help grocery managers and buyers find the latest supermarket products, brands and suppliers. Our website visitors have the ability to search for grocery wholesale products, brands and suppliers all in one place.

New Products

The New Products section allows suppliers to present their retail products in a secure hidden section within the Platform. Only Buyers who have registered for access with BuyersGuide.nz can view the hidden New Products section. This process helps to protect suppliers new product confidentiality.

Buyers / Category Managers / Stores

BuyersGuide.nz is an online platform revolutionising how grocery industry products are presented to buyers worldwide. The system provides an innovative solution for supermarket suppliers to showcase their product range to buyers.

The 100% New Zealand owned database has been designed to make the Buyers life easier! By transforming old traditional paper advertising into digital and bringing suppliers all together in one place. With an inbuilt easy-to-use grocery industry search engine to find products, bands and supermarket suppliers.

There is no membership fee for Grocery Industry Buyers / Stores / Managers to use BuyersGuide.nz. Plus, your store details will be listed in our online Grocery Store Directory for free.

The New Products section on BuyersGuide.nz is hidden from Public view. This means Buyers need to register to have access to view the New Products section.

With a Buyer log-in you can keep an eye out for any new products and relevant information from supplier members using BuyersGuide.nz.

This is a free innovative solution for buyers / retail stores and also promotes your business online.


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